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I is for Icons

Gotta learn the ABC? We can help. ♥

Gotta learn the ABC? We can help~ ♥

oo1. Please don't alter the icons in any way.
Textless icons are not bases.

oo2. Please don't claim them as your work.
This explains itself.

oo3. We won't hunt you down and stab you with our graphic tablet pen if you don't credit us.
We appreciate it, though.
A lot.

oo4. Leave us ♥? We need it.

(You don't know to whom you're currently talking to? We always tag our posts with our names, have a look.)

We're majorly awesome. On your knees. Worship us.

... No seriously.
This is a joint icon and graphic project by nessie & xenp.
We're just two girls from Germany, currently attending highschool.

This is how we spend our free time. Kind of pathetic, huh?

Our goal is making an 'Icon ABC' out of every fandom we like. In the meantime, random bits & pieces will be upped, too.

Anyways, we don't bite. At least not always.
So feel free to leave us a comment or friend us any time, even if it's non-icon related and you just had the distinct feeling we were twins seperated after birth or something.


Credits: liquoricedreams; vikyvampirs; anieli, infinite_muse; pinky_place; tinyicon; misarte; thest_one; icons_by_mea; kaelcreations; disparue; the peril; bloomotion; shizoo; 6th-drugstreet; desire-gfx; foto_decadent; aethereality; sweetandtalented; stockiconlove; moargh; velvetfactory; fire-graphics; chaoticfae; toybirds; sweetxpie; ex-posed; ransie3; the diner; trendkiller; mellowmint; lovebasics; mirrorskies; oum-boojae; zehava-1000; vienna_blood; joel-le; a_darkdesign; enchantedfleur

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Please don't forget that we're only human. We make mistakes. If you notice we didn't list you here, then we didn't forget you on purpose, so please don't swoop down on us immediately. If you drop us a comment, we'll add you asap.

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